[mythtv-users] scte65scan and Mediacom

Alan Schmitz alan at ankeny.net
Wed Jul 1 03:40:11 UTC 2009

My current MythTV system is based on a combined FE/BE with a PVR-500  
and an HD HomeRun.  I've used the PVR-500 to tune analog "Family  
Cable" channels from Mediacom, and I've used the HDHR to tune all of  
my OTA digital channels.

Mediacom announced that they were going to offer all of the digital  
broadcast basic channels along with the analog Family Cable package in  
my area on or around June 2nd.  Shortly after that I scanned my cable  
with the HDHR, and I discovered that I could tune digital versions of  
the entire Family Cable lineup on it.  The scte65scan program was able  
to pick up an accurate channel map as well.

I'd like to upgrade my MythTV system, and I'm wondering if I could  
rely on the HDHR completely and drop the analog tuners.  The letter  
from Mediacom indicates that they are offering "Mediacom standard  
digital tuners" in my area.

I understand that nobody but Mediacom could say for certain, but is it  
likely that these digital channels will remain available to my HDHR  
"in the clear" as long as Mediacom is supporting their standard  
digital tuners?  Are there any disadvantages to relying entirely on  
the HDHR for tuning and scte65scan for channel mapping?


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