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Sun Jan 18 00:47:59 UTC 2009

"More specifically, you agree not to use the Hulu
 Services in a way that:uses technology or other means to access the
Hulu Services that is not
 authorized by Hulu"

If at some point they decide that Boxee, or anything else for that
matter, is an unauthorised technology, that's their decision...and
accessing Hulu with it becomes a violation of the terms simply because
they say so...period.

Sure it's somewhat of a "No Homers Club", but it's their site and
their choice, and as Michael pointed out you either accept the terms
or you don't.  It may not seem fair and almost certainly isn't wise on
their part, but it is in fact their choice.  You're logic is much like
the old logic some have around here that screen scraping TV guide
sites can never be in violation of anything because "it's exactly what
a browser does"...dear God...why did I bring that up ;D.


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