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Sun Jan 18 00:47:59 UTC 2009


On another note...

System76 was mentioned earlier in the thread. I have never bought from
them, but they have been around for a while so the company obviously has
some sort of roots. I would certainly look into them if they had a myth
system ready for purchase (I use a mixture of Debian and Mythbuntu for
myth anyway).

Also, I have heard rumor about Fiire ( fire with two ii's ). I have
heard good things about them though it is my understanding that they had
a rough start. Granted it looks like they just use Myth in conjunction
with other projects for a complete home automation system. Still, it
looks they have done some research on solid supported hardware.

Again, I have not bought anything from these companies so this isn't an
endorsement or anything. I am just curious if anyone know any more about
these companies? Has anyone bought something from them?


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