[mythtv-users] VDPAU support on 0.21-fixes

Allen Edwards allen.p.edwards at gmail.com
Tue Jan 27 16:40:52 UTC 2009

I really look forward to having this capability in myth.  I have a
couple of frontends that just sort of work with HD content and it will
be nice to switch them over.  It is wonderful to have someone working
on this.  That said, it does seem like it is out of scope with
.21-fixes and I certainly would not want it in there.  I would not
want something of this magnitude messing up my main myth
frontend-backend machine.  That said, I understand that nobody wants
it in .21-fixes and that was not the intent of posting the ticket.
But that is the point of the tickets.  An open ticket represents an
open issue that needs to be assigned and worked on.  If it is open, it
needs to be worked on and is tracked in their metrics, etc.  So, this
really should not be tracked in their data base if it is not going to
be fixed.  Just the statement that it should not be included in
.21-fixes is enough reason to close it.

That means that this should be a branch off .21 if development is
going to continue.  I would assume that branch would fold when .22
comes out with that functionality.  With the ignorance of having no
idea what I am talking about, why not open a branch and track these
changes there?  Alternatively, just track them on this mailing list.


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