[mythtv-users] Satellite TV and MythTV, getting started

Steve Heistand steve at heistand.org
Fri Jan 23 17:30:02 UTC 2009

> Sure IR blasters work, but my experience is that it work "most of the
> time".  The serial stuff is 100% once you get it working.

I have 3 directv units all of which are controlled by different IR blasters.
Its been 100% since I got it set up as well.
its not just plug and play but from what I gather neither is the usb/service
port interface.

The main issues for IR is 
1) stray signals
tiny transmitters stuck to the IR in on the directv box and some electrical tape fixed that.
except for the 1 recvr I use for "live tv". It also has IR blaster but just no tape.

2) finding the right lircd_conf file for the signal codes.
that is tough I will admit but google is your friend.

3) the lircd processes themselves on occasion die. 
mine are started such that they get restarted when that happens.

4) sending the signals too fast for the directv box.
my channel changing script that mythtv uses splits out the digits
of the requested channel and sleeps for 1/2 second between each 
one. also make it a 4 digit channel number and hits 'enter' afterwards.

I use the USB-UIRT units which lirc knows about out of the box.

at least those are the issues I ran into that I can remember off the top.

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Steve Heistand
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