[mythtv-users] Why doesn't 'delete recording' actually mean 'delete recording'?

Robert RobertCL at iname.com
Wed Jan 21 13:19:55 UTC 2009

On Wed, January 21, 2009 1:03 pm, ryan patterson wrote:
> Long story short, I logged into mythweb yesterday and saw that I only
> had 25GB free on my recording partition (1.5TB).  So I deleted a bunch
> of recordings to make room (I had no idea which of my terabyte+
> recordings myth would start auto expiring).  Later lest night I
> checked and saw that the amount of free space had not increased at
> all.  It seems that telling myth to delete a recording doesn't
> actually delete it.  It just gets placed into a queue to be deleted
> when myth needs space.  This allows the user to later "undelete"
> recordings.
> I don't want to debate the usefulness of this "feature".  Personally I
> find it to be annoying and counter intuitive.  But I understand many
> people could prefer it this way.  Is there a way to disable the fake
> delete feature?  Or is there a easy way to figure out how much space
> my "deleted but not yet really deleted" recordings take up?

(from memory) You can find out by looking in the status screen (via a
frontend (i.e. not Mythweb) and go to something like Autoexpire status and
it will say at the top of the screen (eg) 192Gb allowed to expire, 50Gb
deleted, ...

I for one really like the "undelete" ability, but it would be nice if
someone updated the disk-space-usage screen to show how much of that space
is deleted recordings :-)


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