[mythtv-users] mythBuntu problems 9.04 Alpha 2

Mike mtn_biker_mike at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 20 16:27:46 UTC 2009

mythBuntu problems,  I loaded Mythbuntu 9.04 Alpha 2 now available , did all the upgrades, now it is stuck with an upgrade for the apache server for the my .21 fixes
What Distbution and Ver would you run?
I have had it working for about a day then I have problems and have started over
Becase I was not able to get it to boot into the desktop.

Pent4 2.2 Ghz on a soyo dragon 400 mhz front side bus will upgrade to 2.53 Ghz chip
1G of ram PC2700
160 G hard drive
Video Winfast t-250 Nvidea
Haugpauge wintv-hvr-1600
Homerun HDTV  2 tunners
TV hp 42inch with bult in Media player, works with windows, want to work with linux
or might want to try a windows based DVR_PVR


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