[mythtv-users] Question on 8GB of RAM. Was: 32 bit or 64bit???

John Drescher drescherjm at gmail.com
Mon Jan 19 18:15:20 UTC 2009

>   I have the exact same motherboard in my backend (Asus M2N-E). I have been
> running an Athlon 64x2 4800 with 2GB ram in Dual-channel mode (1st and 3rd
> slots) for several months now. (2 x Crucial 1GB DDR2 800)
>   I recently got a good deal on a Dual Channel 4GB kit (2 x Crucial 2GB DDR2
> 800), so I decided to upgrade my system with them late last-night.  Big
> mistake!   I powered down the box, took out the 1GB sticks and put in the
> 2GB sticks. Machine wouldn't even POST!  - Monitor stayed in 'powersave'
> mode... no 'beep codes'...
>   So I tried a CMOS reset - no change.  I then moved the 2GB sticks to the
> 2nd and 4th slots.  Humm, got through POST This time, but not stable. Even
> hangs going into the BIOS.... [NOT good!]
I had some of this at work on 1 system and flashing the bios fixed the issue.
>   So I put the original 2GB back in, and it still wasn't working right.  I
> reset the CMOS again, and it started working right again...  [so much for my
> plan to go to bed early!  By now it was nearly 1AM!]
>   Now that I look at the Asus web site for the "Qualified Vendors List" for
> our motherboard, it seems to be very 'picky' on the types/brands of memory
> it will take... [sigh]  I guess I should have consulted the list first...

I ignore that. Just buy, Corsair XMS, OCZ or GSKILL.

>   Or maybe I should have learned from similar experience with their boards
> in the past -- I've had Asus boards in the past that have 4 dimm slots that
> were very picky about the memory used in them...  I thought perhaps it was
> chipset limitations, and they would have corrected those issues by now, but
> it doesn't seem that way!

It's not the chip set with AMD or Intel i7 processors. Memory support
is entirely by the CPU, the motherboard design, and the BIOS.

>> Side note to Francis: The email echo is really cool. I don't think I
>> have seen anyone do that before and if I have, I didn't catch it. It put
>> a grin on my face. ;-)


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