[mythtv-users] Auto shutdown/startup advice needed

Drew Bernat abernat at zathras.net
Sun Jan 18 16:56:25 UTC 2009

I have a working MythTV system. I'm trying to configure auto shutdown  
and startup, and I'm running into some issues. I was wondering if  
anyone had a similar system and could offer some advice.

I have a network with two backends and four frontends. It's configured  
as follows:
   * The primary backend does not have any capture cards. It hosts the  
database and MythWeb. It will not be getting shut down.
   * The slave backend has four capture cards, two analog cable and  
two HDTV. It also is the main file server for recorded video.
   * I run a frontend on the same system as the slave backend, but  
exiting to MythWelcome is fine.
   * The other frontends are on diskless clients that NFS-mount root  
off the slave backend. I have wake-on-lan configured for these.

The main difficulty at the moment is this. I have the master backed  
set up to wake the slave 5 minutes before a recording, and that  
configuration seems to be working. However, as soon as I shut down the  
slave all of the capture cards disappear, resulting in the recording  
schedule being reset to empty. Hence, the slave backend is never woken  
up - because the master doesn't think there is anything to record.

My immediate approach would be to create low-priority "fake" capture  
cards on the master. This would result in the scheduling sticking  
around, but a) I'm not sure the slave would ever be woken up and b) I  
don't want to mess up the conflict resolution algorithm.

Increasing the complexity is our use of MythWeb as a primary  
scheduling vehicle, so it is entirely possible that a new recording  
will be scheduled while the slave is turned off.

This is with MythTV 0.21. Does anyone have any suggestions?


Drew Bernat
abernat at zathras.net

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