[mythtv-users] Selecting "Watch TV" exits right away?

Clay nt4usb at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 14 16:41:12 UTC 2009

> From: Igor Chudov <igor at chudov.com>
> Any idea why selecting "Watch TV" returns me
> right back to the main
> menu?
> thanks a lot
> i

Usual suspect:
Directory to hold recordings does not exist or MythTV doesn't have permissions to write to it.
('Live TV' is also a recording since Myth buffers everything.)
Whatever directory you set up in the backend, or the default /media/cache/mythtv exist and have permissions?

For realtime log, run from a terminal:
mythfrontend -v (playback, all, etc. -h for help)

You can also run in a terminal:
mythtv (with -v all, etc. for more info)
to go straight to live TV and bypass the frontend menu screen.


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