[mythtv-users] Best atsc/qam/ntsc tuner for closed captions?

Steve Peters - Priority Electronics steve at priorityelectronics.com
Tue Jan 13 17:29:03 UTC 2009

> > I just got an ATI HDTV Wonder from ebay for $25 shipped. It gets the
> > captions from the ATSC/QAM channels, but I'll have to check tonight 
>to see
> > if it does from analog cable channels. It's by far the 
>cheapest option
>around that I could find.
> > I'll post back tonight and let you know if it works. It would 
>definetly save
> > you some money vs the alternatives.
>Thanks. I'd like to know. $25 vs $114 is a substantial savings!

Well I had no luck. Not just bad luck, but absolutely no luck. I just could
not get any channels tuned on the analog portion of the card. Neither Over
the air stuff nor cable worked. My HD stuff is from OTA and works great
though, so the card is still worth it for me, but it kinda sucks that the
analog tuners didn't work.

After reading the myth wiki again, I noticed that the person who tells you
about setting up the analog portion of the card is talking about the svideo
or composite inputs and not the analog tuner inputs.

Anyone have any idea on how to get this working? (if you do, maybe start a
new thread)

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