[mythtv-users] Recording from Sky?

Neil Bird neil at fnxweb.com
Tue Jan 13 10:09:49 UTC 2009

Around about 12/01/09 14:54, Alastair Kerr typed ...
> Now has anyone managed to automate capture of the sky channel numbers?  
> I have been  stung a couple of times with the semi-regular re-numbering. 
> Granted it does not take too long to go through them with a mythweb 
> browser window open alongside sky's web site bit it is still a chore. 

   I'm getting there;  I cobbled together a perl script recently that takes 
the RT XMLTV grabber data (for xmltvids), scrapes the digitialspy website's 
list of Sky channels, then tried to match these up, giving a tally of Sky 
channel <-> xmltvid.

   The idea then is to go through the d/b looknig for xmltvids in this list 
that have a channum+freqid setting that doesn't match.

   It's sort of getting there, I'll share what I have so far soon.  I have 
had to ignore certain ones (e.g,. BBC1/2/ITV) where the actual sky broadcast 
is regionalised (e.g., BBC1-SE) andso everyone will have a diff. xmltvid 
(matching their region), and also ones that RT doesn't list.

   I guess the 'ideal' solution is for this sort of thing to be wrapped up 
into the xmltv grabbers somehow, but that would require someone to maintain 
a hadr-list of sky channel <-> xmltvid.

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