[mythtv-users] Fans, or cooling video cards

Simon Hobson linux at thehobsons.co.uk
Sun Jan 11 23:26:42 UTC 2009

Ian Clark wrote:

>  > Water cooling adds complexity and potential 
>problems that are best avoided if
>>  at all possible.
>Amen to that! It always amazes me that most people are so blasť about
>putting water and expensive electronics together!

OT, but might be of interest to some, water 
cooling is actually used on some large power 
generators. Literally, the copper conductors are 
hollow and water is pumped through them. So water 
+ several thousand volts !

However, the water they use is VERY carefully 
de-ionised (ie very pure) so it is non-conductive.

Simon Hobson

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