[mythtv-users] Fans, or cooling video cards

Ben Coleman arrikhan_mail at yahoo.com.au
Thu Jan 8 11:12:42 UTC 2009

If indeed it is heat related ... you need to get the airflow moving across 
your cards, pulling outside air in from one end of the case, past the 
heatsinks, then back out the case.

If you've got a cruddy case, buy a new case that is designed to do this 

silentpcreview.com is a great place to learn about airflow in your case and 
recommend good cases to use.

I'm curious about why you have 3 'video' cards in a PVR... or are you 
talking about Tuners?

Lastly, when I upgraded my motherboard recently... I actualy picked a board 
that would allow me to separate my two dual tuner cards (which get very hot) 
sufficiently to let air move around them. Obviously not something you can 
think about now, but worth it when you are in the position.



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I have 3 video cards in my myth box.  It gets a bit hot.  I'm seeing
strange corruption, which I'm guessing is heat related.  At least it's
appeared recently and the cards run 65 - 74 deg. C in normal use.

The video cards are all half-height, and have passive heat sinks.  With
every slot in the server occupied, there's not much air circulation
around those cards.

I'm trying to rig some sort of fan that would sit over the top of the
cards and blow air directly down on to them.

I've found this gadget:


but the reviews at Newegg aren't really encouraging.

Has anyone else solved this?  For now I've reversed some case fans and
I'm trading increased CPU temps for lower GPU temps, but it's not really
a long term solution.....

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