[mythtv-users] Schedules Direct, Google checkout and credit checks

steve sfreilly at roadrunner.com
Tue Jan 6 22:15:58 UTC 2009

Josh wrote:

> I agree with jarpublic... They don't have the info needed to do even a
> basic credit/background check. I think they just used poor wording. I've
> been using Google Checkout (including my last SD payment) with no
> problems or credit inquiries.

im not 100% sure but i believe any credit card/financing company can do
soft inquiries on anyone they feel meets their requirements. they dont
need a ss# for that.  name and address will do, landlords do it all the
time. i see many soft inquiries on my credit report every time i pull
it, and i havent had or applied for a credit card for over 10 years.

Steve Reilly


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