[mythtv-users] Image doubled

Gareth Glaccum gareth.glaccum at btopenworld.com
Tue Jan 6 14:44:57 UTC 2009

I had a similar issue on an ati with bad drivers. I had to use the slim profile

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I think it might be a common problem but I can't find a solution yet. The problem is that I am getting the screen doubled when I watch videos using the internal player (DVD's and TV). I've found that I should change the interlacer but I can't find this option.

Where the intelarcer option used to be I can only find now "profiles" like: CPU+, CPU++, CPU--, etc, and not bob, kernelint, etc.

My specs are:

Dell Inspiron 6400
ATI Radeon Mobility X1300
Ubuntu w/Mythbuntu 8.04

I don't have any problem watching videos with mplayer and xv. They are well configured. The only problem is with MythTV.


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