[mythtv-users] KWorld ATSC-115 problems -- can't change channel, no sound

David Lonie loniedavid at gmail.com
Fri Jan 2 20:40:17 UTC 2009

Yay -- Finally got the analog fully operational on the KWorld ATSC-115
without disturbing the PVR-150. Everything seems to be very dependent
on the way modules are loaded, and further, on the time between the
modules loading (??).

I did change the audio rate limit back to 32000 Hz and the sound is ok now.

this seems to be the correct manner of loading the modules:

rmmod ivtv saa7134_dvb saa7134_alsa saa7134 tuner --force
sleep 3
modprobe saa7134-alsa
modprobe ivtv
sleep 3
rmmod --force tuner
rmmod --force ivtv
modprobe tuner
modprobe ivtv

I put the first sleep in there since occasionally the ivtv card would
load as /dev/video2 instead of video1 and figured maybe the device
node was still being tied up while reloading the module. The second
sleep is necessary to prevent the signal from the KWorld turning into
static. Go figure :)

I still have occasional crashes while switching to the Kworld card,
but I'm also running trunk and there may be some awkwardness in there
that still needs to be smoothed out. The crashes always happen soon

> symbol: '/usr/lib/mythtv/filters/libconvert.so'
>                        /usr/lib/mythtv/filters/libconvert.so:
> undefined symbol: filter_table
> 2009-01-02 12:35:10.594 FilterManager, Warning: Failed to load filter library: /usr/lib/mythtv/filters/libconvert.so
> 2009-01-02 12:35:10.613 NVR(/dev/v4l/video1): Unknown video codec.
> Please go into the TV Settings, Recording Profiles and setup the four  'Software Encoders' profiles.  Assuming RTjpeg for now.
> 2009-01-02 12:35:10.615 NVR(/dev/v4l/video1) Error: Unknown audio codec

I went and entered through all the V4L profiles, maybe that will fix
this. Anyone have an idea why the audio codec isn't being recognized?

I'd like to try getting the digital portion of the card working now,
but I'll start a new

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