[mythtv-users] What's a good projector for Myth?

david david at functionalchaos.net
Sat Feb 28 20:39:43 UTC 2009

On Sat, 28 Feb 2009 11:41:28 -0800, Jim Stichnoth <stichnot at gmail.com>
> On Wed, Feb 25, 2009 at 8:58 PM, Jim Stichnoth <stichnot at gmail.com>
>> I'm thinking of moving my TV setup into a different room and using a
>> projector onto a 100" projector screen.  I started looking into
>> projectors
>> and I'm shocked by the enormous range of prices and don't want to make a
>> stupid choice.  I imagine that some of a given projector's cost may be
>> for
>> features that MythTV doesn't need, such as deinterlacing, or switching
>> aspect ratios.  Other properties wouldn't be Myth-specific, like ones
>> that
>> are important for the specific room.  Can anyone share general wisdom or
>> specific recommendations?
>> My living room has high ceilings and the walls are all white, and there
>> would be a fair amount of daytime viewing, so there could often be a lot
>> of
>> ambient light.  Fortunately, the windows face north.  Ideally the
>> projector
>> would be mounted on the back wall about 20 feet from the screen, but it
>> could be mounted on the side wall closer to the screen if necessary.  In
>> either case, the projector would be even with the edge of the screen. 
>> would probably be mounted at or above the top of the screen and throw
>> beam downward.  With a 100" screen, I don't know if 720p would be
>> adequate
>> (for comparison, I'm completely happy with the 720p native resolution of
>> my
>> 42" TV).
>> Any thoughts?  Thanks,
>> Jim
> Thanks to everyone for your experience and advice.
> I didn't see any Myth-specific comments, like "avoid this-or-that
> because it just doesn't work!", so I can probably continue with generic
> projector research.  (But maybe someone here can tell me what on earth
> get in an $8000 projector compared to one in the $2000 range.)
> I'm convinced that I should do 1080p rather than 720p because of the
> pixelization.  But I don't buy the argument that SD sources will show
> pixelization, since either Myth or the projector will be converting to
> projector's native resolution.  For that reason I don't see more jaggies
> SD programs on my 720p TV; instead, I see a fuzzier image.  Surely it's
> same with a projector.
> I am very worried though about the ambient light issue.  This is a living
> room with high ceilings, lots of windows, and potentially letting lots of
> light in from other areas of the house.  The image would be projected
> some built-in bookshelves, so a pull-down screen is necessary.  I wonder
> any projector/screen combinations would make this acceptable.
> Jim

You can always search the internet for mode lines for "projector [your
model here]" that work with xorg.  If you find a mode line, most likely you
should have no problem using the projector with myth.  

The main difference with the $2000 vs $8000 is with DLP in that you get 3
chip - one for each color vs 1 chip which requires a color wheel. Color
Wheels can cause rainbow effect (for some people), fail, create noise. 
Regarding LCD projectors there is not a lot of reason to spend more than
$2500 as you can get an out standing projector at this price.

You definitely want 1080p at this point, which you say you already decided,
I just want to make sure every really get that point with these big
screens. I have a 130" screen and 520p DVD's are okay, anything less than
that is just not really worth watching on triple digit screens.  I mostly
watch at 720p.  You are right to be worried about ambient light, it is a
real issue with theater projectors.  If your watching brighter content,
like a football game, etc. you can get away with it.  However, with movies
and other less bright content it will be an issue unless you have a
higher-output projector which will take you away from the better "theater"
projectors.  I have two windows in my theater room. I have wood blinds and
curtains which allow me to have plenty of light if I want -or- black out
the room if I want that.

Here is some 520p content on a 130" screen (it's a little clearer than the
images, not great shots, but not much clearer):

I would recommend projector central http://www.projectorcentral.com/ as a
good place to research projectors and use their projector screen calculator
to help choose one with the proper throw capabilities for your screen size
and 20' throw distance.  The site currently recommends the Panasonic AE3000
as the best choice by picture/features/price.  It is an LCD type, I am not
sure if your partial to DLP or LCD.  I can tell you I have a BenQ PE7700
DLP 720p projector.  It has been a good projector and I do prefer DLP. 
However, I would recommend you stay clear of the BenQ W5000 that someone
recommended and look at the Pasonic AE3000, it sells for around 2200 -


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