[mythtv-users] Chris Isaak

Brian Wood beww at beww.org
Sat Feb 28 18:19:25 UTC 2009

On Saturday 28 February 2009 10:43:22 migmog wrote:
> > more enjoyable, Time magazine reports. When annoying breaks end, viewers
> > are happy to have their program back, according to the study, called
> > "Enhancing Television-Viewing Experience Through Commercial
> > Interruptions."
> Eh, what? So that's like saying being forced to bang your head off a
> brick wall increases your overall enjoyment because it feels so good
> when you get to stop!

Nice analogy.

I have learned that I enjoy classes more when the instructor breaks things up 
occasionally with an anecdote or story. I seem to retain the information in 
the main lecture better as well.

I guess it depends on why you are watching the program, entertainment or 
trying to learn something. Most of the network offerings I would LOVE to have 
interrupted, since they are such crap.

Obviously I can interrupt the program anytime I want, with the pause button. I 
suspect the people in the study did not have that option, so it wouldn't 
apply to Myth users.

Certainly if I were forced to watch "American Idol" I would pray for as many 
interruptions as possible, though I would interrupt it myself with the pwoer 
switch in just a few seconds.

beww at beww.org

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