[mythtv-users] Supervideo and miniplug to RCA

gonzalo diethelm gdiethelm at dcv.cl
Fri Feb 27 12:45:01 UTC 2009

> I hooked my laptop up to my TV the other day using an svideo to
> composite cable. The cables work fine. You need to make sure that you
> have things setup correctly in your xorg.conf file. Make sure you have
> the TV standard set correctly. I always get confused when using the
> converter cable if I need to set the output to svideo or to composite.
> Try them both to see what works. If you have that set wrong I think
> you will just make the image black and white until you get it right.

Great, thanks for the pointers.

> You don't want to use S-PDIF for analog RCA inputs. S-PDIF is for
> passing digital audio along so it can be decoded/amplified by another
> device. I find it hard to believe your laptop doesn't just have a
> standard headphone jack. Use the headphone jack and with a standard
> converter for the red/white RCA.

I took another look at the laptop today. The female miniplug has a
little headphone icon, and next to it it says S-PDIF... From what you
describe it would not make any sense, right? Perhaps the S-PDIF applies
to whatever connector is NEXT to the headphones plug.


Gonzalo Diethelm
DCV - Chile

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