[mythtv-users] Digital channel gets another channels's program

Clay nt4usb at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 26 01:55:35 UTC 2009

> Also, I determined that manually added (as opposed to
> scanned and edited) digital channels plain don't work.
> Do I need to add a transport for the frequency of the
> channel, something that might have been done behind the
> scenes by the scanner? 

If the frequency is already in the dtv_multiplex table, all you need to add to channels is sourceid, mplexid, serviceid, and xmltvid.
If the frequency doesn't exist in dtv_multiplex, you can manually add a frequency using transport editor. Then you have to look at the dtv_multiplex table and see what (mplexid) number myth gave it.
Then you add the mplexid and serviceid (MSNBC is 19 on your lineup) to the channels table. Also xmltvid, sourceid, and (what am I forgetting?)
mythfilldatabase --sourceid x --do-channel-updates will fill in the rest.
Or, manually add the freqs then scan only those transports.
I don't do full scans anymore. It's faster to add the frequencies I know are on (TW) cable then scan those. Only a couple channels are found correctly, the others I manually add/edit mplexid, serviceid, xmltvid, etc.


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