[mythtv-users] DirecTV H21-200 Receiver

Josh TwoOneSix at thatclothingco.com
Wed Feb 25 14:11:58 UTC 2009

> Josh,  I've tried lirc blasting and I was only successful getting a few of
> the remote commands to work.  I've run irrecord several times and have
> generated numerous attempts at a remote def.  If you still have the remote
> definition in your lircd.conf I would greatly appreciate it!  I tried the
> ones listed on the lirc website listed under the directv path, but the only
> one that linda worked as the D12-50 one.
> Thanks!
> Joe K
> Joe, I got one of these units a few months back and was never able to build
>> a cable that would work reliably... I ended up having to "blast" IR to
>> control the unit. I wasn't able to find lirc codes either so I recorded my
>> own from the provided remote. See: http://www.lirc.org/html/irrecord.html
>> If you get your H21-200 port working to directly control the box, let me
>> know.
>> - Josh
I'm not at home at the moment but I'll try to remember to pull it down
tonight and send it over. IIRC, I had to tweak the frequency flag to get it
working. Check out: http://www.lirc.org/html/help.html#new_remote for some
information on tweaking new remotes. I also have a Denon receiver that I had
to tweak the freq flag on but blasting to that device is about as unreliable
as it can get.

- Josh
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