[mythtv-users] [ATrpms-users] 'bijou' MythTV packages for your testing

Yeechang Lee ylee at pobox.com
Wed Feb 25 07:42:17 UTC 2009

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John Welch <jrw3319 at gmail.com> says:
> Before I give it a go I've got a couple of questions.  Will these
> packages "upgrade" an existing ATrpms Mythtv install?

To be honest, I don't know! This is because a) I always build straight
from the SRPM then install them myself using rpm, and b) I use CentOS
and there aren't any non-FC10 binaries yet anyway.

That being said,

> Will 'yum --enablerepo=atrpms-testing update mythtv' work?

Yes. Again, this is speaking not from firsthand experience but from my
understanding of how ATrpms' MythTV packages work.

> If, for some reason, the packages don't work for me will I be able
> to "downgrade" to the existing ATrpms mythtv packages without too
> much trouble?

The same way you'd downgrade to any other RPM, except that with MythTV
there are dozens. The manual, but sure, way is

      rpm -qi mythtv # Get the version number (like 201.1bijou)
      sudo yum remove \*201.1bijou\*

This will remove a lot of packages, including some (like themes) that
aren't tied to any specific MythTV packages. That's OK; when you do

     sudo yum install mythtv

They'll all be downloaded and reinstalled again.

Let's keep further discussion of these packages on atrpms-users, as
they do not have the blessing of Isaac Richards and other developers
as the mainstream ATrpms packages do (They're in atrpms-testing for a

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