[mythtv-users] 0.22 themes - what have people seen?

paul10 at planar.id.au paul10 at planar.id.au
Tue Feb 24 09:07:22 UTC 2009

I've been running trunk for a while (pre 0.21), and have much of the 0.22
theme stuff going using the Terra theme.  I've had a bit of a dabble at
helping with it, but to be blunt I have no artistic talent.  So I'm pretty
dependent on other people to come up with something good.

0.22 is going to give lots of new options and possibilities, and new
themes are needed to take advantage of them.

I've only themes I've seen are:
  - Terra: the screenshots don't seem to work any more, but anyone running
trunk knows what that looks like
  - Graphite: http://robertmcnamara.smugmug.com/gallery/7063231_gGk9H#P-1-16

Anybody else seen any others out there, know of any plans?

Anybody have any guide material or FAQ on creating themes for 0.22?

Any other theme information for 0.22?

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