[mythtv-users] mythbuntu 8.10 no sound after install

Allen Edwards allen.p.edwards at gmail.com
Mon Feb 23 22:05:00 UTC 2009

>>  thanks, i'm after digital eventually but analogue will do me for now!.
> actually i'm really after getting digital down the hdmi cable.. but thats
> for another day.

Many people have gotten audio down the hdmi cable and each time I add to the
documentation in the wiki so if you fine that it works or needs additions,
please let me know.  Every MB seems to be a little different.  The key is to
get the right asla version and to configure the bios correctly as far as I
can tell.  There are several asound.conf default versions that should work.
 I know the first one works and am waiting for confirmation on the other two
but I guess in reality one is enough.

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