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On Sun, Feb 22, 2009 at 6:02 AM, Richard Hartmann
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Hi all,

after reading what the wiki [1] has to offer wrt X.org setups, I am
still unsure on how to set up my box.

I have one GFX card with two DVI outlets (my old card & CPU seem to be
beefy enough, after all. Yay). I want to use one for a desktop and the
other one for my TV. For now, the TV will not be connected at all times
as I decided to get some experience with my desktop before purchasing a
dedicated system. Ideally, I would want to switch the secondary (TV)
display on and off on demand without quitting my desktop session.

Does this make sense? If yes, does anyone have a setup like this and
is willing to share his/her xorg.conf?



This is trivial and supported out of the box.  Just run nvidia-settings with
the TV plugged in and enable the second monitor.  Set it up as a separate
display and NOT twinview.  You will get exactly what you want. I have two
machines set up that way right now.   The only issue you might have is
setting the system up so that the monitor you want is the main one.  Worst
case, you edit your xorg.conf file and put them in the right order after
seeing how they come up.  Or, you might switch the cables and run
nvidia-settings again.  Both of my set ups are CRT and TV.  One of my set
ups is really a CRT and either a projector or a TV depending on which one is
turned on.


Don't let anyone tell you this is complicated and requires some exotic setup
unless you want to do as Yan suggests and have an exotic setup but two
monitors on one machine with a single mouse and keyboard is easy.  


That said, there is one user who is having trouble with this but they have
something strange going on and this is not typical.




I'm afraid there is a problem however: tearing.  For some reason the Nvidia
dual head config (mirrored video) causes tearing on both primary and
secondary displays....



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