[mythtv-users] I hope all you VDPAU users are updating the wiki

Ian Forde ian at duckland.org
Sun Feb 22 11:09:17 UTC 2009

On Sat, 2009-02-21 at 22:25 -0800, Brad Templeton wrote:
> Right now I am happily skipping most of the VDPAU threads as I don't
> have any 8x or 9x series video cards.  Some day I will and will then want
> to get the latest on what cards work best, what performance they get, and
> any pitfalls in setting them up.

I'd like to note that I've been using VDPAU on trunk quite happily for
the last month or so...

> I have learned the hard way with mythtv that if you value your time at
> all, the best thing to do is to just find out what hardware works the
> most easily, and get it, even if it is more expensive than some other
> hardware.

Now THAT is a perfectly valid philosophy.  One to which I subscribe
wholeheartedly. ;)

> Anyway, so if you are learning and experimenting with vdpau, please update
> a mythtv wiki page with information on your successes and failures with various
> cards (and versions of myth!)

It's pretty simple, actually - install driver, compile with VDPAU
support, change setup options, profit!


P.S. Haven't seen you on the list in a while - missed your postings!

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