[mythtv-users] VDPAU datapoint

Kevin Bailey ke-myth at retriever.dyndns.org
Sat Feb 21 23:38:13 UTC 2009

I finally found the time to install a new video card
and upgrade to Intrepid+Jean-Yves' repo (from Hardy.)
I now have a 8500GT (from a 6200TC) with the 2GHZ (?) Sempron.

Installation was trivial. I just changed the repo,
(u)pgrade, (i)nstall, and it was done. I verified
driver version 180.whatever with nvidia-settings.

I'm seeing CPU% of 20-24 for myth and 6-10 for X.
cat /proc/cpuinfo reports 1GHz but I don't know if
this is significant.

For de-interlacers, one-field was ok but it was "fuzzy" and
had some aliasing. Bob 2x HW "pegged" the CPU. Temporal 1x HW
was better, but the second time going through all the
de-interlacers, it pegged the CPU too, so not sure if maybe
Bob would work if I tried again. Advanced 1x HW pegged the
CPU. Temporal 2x HW exitted the first try, but took the second
try. Didn't try Advanced 2x.

I've left it on temporal 1x but I can't say that I'm impressed
with the quality. There seems to be more tearing when the
video pans left and right (versus software). It's more like
"shearing", with an inch of video being to the side of the
next inch for a split second. I don't seem to get it with the
software linear de-interlacer.

For settings, I have enabled real-time threads (although
I'm certain its actually taking), extra audio buffering,
and warn on no audio output. I have disabled use video
as timebase, always stream from backend, OpenGL vertical
sync for timing, and picture controls.

I have nothing like "composite disable" in xorg.conf.
I have the VGA port connected to a 1080p LCD.

Except for the pegging while I was testing de-interlacers, it
has been rock solid. I would say that this is fantastic work
on the myth guys' and Jean-Yves' part. If you have plenty of
horsepower, I would say, "Don't bother as the de-interlacing
is nothing to write home about." (then, I have a 8500GT) but
if you have a struggling CPU, or want to go the $100 STB
route, here's your ticket.

Off topic, what the heck is going on with KDE4 ? It couldn't
last 1 minute when I do anything with the taskbar, killing
even kwin. Even when its running, I see about 15% CPU from
kwin. I switched (yet another computer) to fvwm.

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