[mythtv-users] SDI with embedded audio and MythTV

Matt Christy mchristy at mindtv.org
Thu Feb 19 17:08:31 UTC 2009

>Sounds like you're trying to cram a square peg in a round hole.  Myth
>very much designed to work recording broadcast TV with good schedule
>information.  If you're just trying to dump video to MPEG-2, you should
>really just use tools like mencoder, ffmpeg, or the like.  And if
>having trouble finding cards that work with Linux, then Linux probably
>your best choice of an OS for your project.

You don't need to use EPG. What was attractive about myth was its
web-based recording capabilities, which is similar to an analog
appliance we currently use. We're not going to use EPG, we'd schedule
manual recordings as needed. I'm not trying to "just dump mpeg-2 files",
I'm trying to schedule recordings at x time and have it record the
program to mpeg-2 files for broadcast at a later time. It would be
different if we were taking the feed 24/7 and I wanted to dump it to a
file. Times change, feeds change, etc. 

I looked into mencoder and ffmpeg, but the problem is we don't have the
time or resource to develop the front and back ends in a way to automate
these tasks... again which is why Myth looked attractive.

Thanks for your insight.. it was helpful.


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