[mythtv-users] Help with telnet control of FE

James Crow james at ultratans.com
Thu Feb 19 14:19:22 UTC 2009

I am trying to test the realtime priority of my FE machine. VNC is far
too slow over my available link, but ssh works great. I activated the FE
telnet interface and am attempting to change to watching a recording.
The FE gives me an error when I try start a recording, but the error
does not make sense. Can anyone give me the sequence of commands to
start a recording through the telnet interface?

$ telnet 6546
Connected to
Escape character is '^]'.
MythFrontend Network Control
Type 'help' for usage information
# jump playbackrecordings
# play program 1053 2009-0219T01:59:00
ERROR: You are in PlaybackBox mode and this command is only for playback
# jump playback
ERROR: See 'help jump' for usage information
# jump playbackbox
# play program 1053 2009-0219T01:59:00
ERROR: You are in PlaybackBox mode and this command is only for playback
# help jump
Usage: jump JUMPPOINT

Where JUMPPOINT is one of the following:
channelpriorities    - Channel Recording Priorities
channelrecpriority   - Channel Recording Priorities
deletebox            - TV Recording Deletion
deleterecordings     - TV Recording Deletion
flixbrowse           - Netflix Browser
flixhistory          - Netflix History
flixqueue            - Netflix Queue
guidegrid            - Program Guide
livetv               - Live TV
livetvinguide        - Live TV In Guide
mainmenu             - Main Menu
managerecordings     - Manage Recordings / Fix Conflicts
manualbox            - Manual Record Scheduling
manualrecording      - Manual Record Scheduling
musicplaylists       - Select music playlists
mythgallery          - MythGallery
mythgame             - MythGame
mythmovietime        - MythMovieTime
mythnews             - MythNews
mythvideo            - MythVideo
mythweather          - MythWeather
playbackbox          - TV Recording Playback
playbackrecordings   - TV Recording Playback
playdvd              - Play DVD
playmusic            - Play music
previousbox          - Previously Recorded
progfinder           - Program Finder
programfinder        - Program Finder
programguide         - Program Guide
programrecpriority   - Program Recording Priorities
recordingpriorities  - Program Recording Priorities
ripcd                - Rip CD
ripdvd               - Rip DVD
statusbox            - Status Screen
videobrowser         - Video Browser
videogallery         - Video Gallery
videolistings        - Video Listings
videomanager         - Video Manager
viewscheduled        - Manage Recordings / Fix Conflicts
zoneminderconsole    - ZoneMinder Console
zoneminderevents     - ZoneMinder Events
zoneminderliveview   - ZoneMinder Live View


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