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Jacob Steenhagen jacob at steenhagen.us
Wed Feb 18 13:53:15 UTC 2009

George Mogielnicki wrote:
> You are absolutely right about icons, smileys and all the other garbage.
> On the other hand, you don't need a personal archive (how many times is
> that saved ?),
You don't /need/ a personal archive, you can always search the online
one... it's just handy to have the personal archive sometimes.
> you have multi layouts,
I can get my gmail as a web page, in Thunderbird or on my BlackBerry.
Others can get gmail on their Windows Mobile, Android, Palm, etc.
device. Not that I have any desire to have the list while I'm out and
about, but you can. Others prefer Hotmail or Yahoo mail for their Myth
list... that's multi layouts if I've ever seen it :)
>  post categories,
Ya, this ones missing.... and can be helpful when properly moderated
(all the OT stuff can go in an OT sub-forum, nvidia questions can go in
the graphics area, etc).
> new post since last visit,
Unread emails.
>  plus many other features.
Like getting notified via email when somebody replies to your post!!  :)
>  Anyway, I'm sure most of the people
> here have used a well run forum and simply do not want it.
Honestly, I can see advantages both ways. I come and go from this list,
but all its messages are properly archived by gmail on arrival. Though
if every discussion group I followed was a mailing list instead of a
forum, I'd probably come closer to filling up the space on my gmail
account.... though I also wouldn't have as many usernames and passwords
to remember....


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