[mythtv-users] Priority Recording Issue - 2 recordings at the same time, won't happen - but plenty of tuners available

John Finlay finlay at moeraki.com
Tue Feb 17 04:08:56 UTC 2009

Brad Fuller wrote:
> Some facts:
> I have 4 tuners: PVR250, HDpc3000 and HDHR (one ATSC OTV, the other QAM)
> "The Closer" is only available on NTSC (PVR250).
> "24" is available on all tuners.
> "24" has a higher priority than "The Closer".
> Both start at 9pm
> Tonight,  "24" and "The Closer" are scheduled  to record. However, the
> scheduler did not schedule "Closer" to be recorded until 12nidnight
> tomorrow. "24" will be recorded on the PVR250 instead of "Closer."
> Why did the scheduler move "The Closer" to later recording. Why won't
> the scheduler move "24" on to one of the other tuners to be recorded
> so that "The Closer" can be recorded on the PVR250? There is nothing
> else being recorded at 9pm but "24". This leaves 3 tuners available.
What I did is to create two lineups in Schedules Direct - one for analog 
only and one for digital channels only. Any analog channels that had a 
corresponding digital channel were disabled in the analog listing in SD. 
I also deleted all the tuners and added them in priority order - for me 
that meant adding the digital tuners first and the analog tuners last. 
The only time that a program gets recorded on the analog tuner is for 
analog only programs. If you want to have overlap between the digital 
and analog programs by having the analog tuner added last is should be 
last allocated for recording.

I don't mess with the Priorities of the channels or programs if I can 
avoid it (and I mostly can).


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