[mythtv-users] How big CF card for frontend?

David Brodbeck gull at gull.us
Tue Feb 17 02:09:27 UTC 2009

Nick Rout wrote:
> Also how do people with CF systems handle updates? I know there can be
> a swag of downloads added somewhere in /var/apt and I am guessing
> these might fill the filesystem up pretty quickly.

I have an EeePC with a 4 gig solid state disk that's running Debian, so 
I can offer a couple of suggestions here.

First off, install localepurge.  It will save you a lot of space by 
removing localizations you don't need.

Secondly, every apt-get command should be followed with an "apt-get 
clean cache" to delete the cached downloads and free up space.

Between these two you should be OK.  I've done some pretty large piles 
of updates on my EeePC without problems.

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