[mythtv-users] WAY OT, formats for transcoding camera movies

David Brodbeck gull at gull.us
Tue Feb 17 02:06:41 UTC 2009

James Crow wrote:
> I don't have the perfect answer, but I would try any of the Windows
> Media codecs. `ffmpeg -formats`  will show you what ffmpeg supports. On
> My Ubuntu 8.10 machine it appears that encoding support is available for
> wmv1 and wmv2. Maybe try one of those. Even if Windows Media Player does
> not have the codec it should be able to grab it from Microsoft.

I would add that you should probably stay away from anything MPEG4.  Not 
only do most players not currently support it natively, it has a bunch 
of different "profiles," and figuring out which optional subset of the 
codec features a given player supports will drive you insane.  I just 
spent hours trying to find the magic combination of options that would 
make an H264 file that Quicktime 7 could play.

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