[mythtv-users] Should I Upgrade Frontend from AMD 3200+ to AMD X2 3800+ (DualCore) ?

John Drescher drescherjm at gmail.com
Sun Feb 15 14:49:13 UTC 2009

>> Not true.   Depends on the supply, but usually not for most vendors.
> Don't state something is "not true" without providing an explanation
> to back your point.
> http://www.quietpc.com/nz/faq.html#psuq1
> Do higher powered PSUs cost more to run because they consume more power?
> No, more powerful PSUs will consume around the same amount of power as
> lower powered PSUs in any given PC system. Your electricity bill will
> not be higher when using a more powerful power supply!

That is an incorrect statement for non 80+ supplies. It really depends
on the supply.

> ---
> That's what the 80+ rating was all about ; a PSU is over 80% efficient
> at any given load.
This is correct.

> Most tests will also show that the lighter the load, the more
> efficient a PSU is likely going to be.
This is not true either.

See here for some info

"For a given power supply, efficiency varies depending on how much
power is being delivered. Supplies are typically most efficient at
between half and three quarters load, much less efficient at low load,
and somewhat less efficient at maximum load. Older ATX power supplies
were typically 60% to 75% efficient. To qualify for 80 PLUS, a power
supply must achieve at least 80% efficiency at three specified loads
(20%, 50% and 100% of maximum rated power). However, 80 PLUS supplies
may still be less than 80% efficient at lower loads. For instance, an
80 PLUS, 520 watt supply could still be 70% or less efficient at 60
watts (a typical idle power for a desktop computer).[2] Thus it is
still important to select a supply with capacity appropriate to the
device being powered."


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