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Paulin paulin at spextreme.com
Sun Feb 15 02:50:22 UTC 2009

On Sat, Feb 14, 2009 at 9:32 PM, Brian Wood <beww at beww.org> wrote:

> On Saturday 14 February 2009 19:25:57 David Brodbeck wrote:
> > Paulin wrote:
> > > Another question based on this information.  Is this line problem in
> the
> > > recording or in the playback.  If I pause the picture when it happens,
> > > the line goes away and shows up as soon as playing.  So that leads me
> to
> > > think playback
> > >
> > > Also I've noticed that it seems to happen when the picture is very busy
> > > (fringe cop lights flashing on the background with a few actors in the
> > > foreground).  With this does it still seem like a grounding issue.
> >
> > If it doesn't show up in still images, it's not a ground loop.  A ground
> > loop between the computer and the display would show up all the time,
> > even in menus.
> Right.
> And it would not freeze if you freeze video. If it seems locked to the
> video
> rate somehow it's definitely not a ground loop.
> Actually, if the hum bar were recorded, it would freeze, but that's not the
> type of problem he seems to have. This happens with a ground differential
> between the computer and the cable system, if you are using an internal
> card
> fed by RF to record, and could also be called a "ground loop".
> With a ground problem between the computer and the monitor the bar(s) will
> move as long as the monitor's vertical rate stays the same, no matter what
> the displayed video is doing.

And I believe on some of my lower analog channels I have the grounding issue
(Ch 3, 6).  Those make the entire picture flicker with bars and are present
when paused.  However that isn't the issue I'm worried about as it is only
on the analog.  The other issue is on all things being played back.

So I'm guessing its deinterlace or VDPAU playback related.

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