[mythtv-users] Waiting for a HD HomeRun before starting the MythTV backend

Jay Summet jay at summet.com
Sun Feb 15 02:36:42 UTC 2009

> I have this same issue.  My HDHR is connected in the same fashion.  How
> can I change the startup priority of mythbackend to start AFTER
> DHCP3-server?  I'm running MythBuntu.

On my distribution (Ubuntu 8.04) the DHCP daemon is already started
about 3 services before the Mythtv-backend. Unfortunately, for whatever
reason, it sometimes takes  a bit of time for the HDHR to "receive" it's
IP address assignment.

I solved the problem with the "waiting" script I previously posted.
(This is only a slightly less kludgey solution than just putting in a 20
or 30 second sleep, as it will only pause the system bootup until the
HDHR is up on the network.)

As Allan has pointed out, having a separate DHCP serving box (such as a
home router) set up the HDHR with an IP address before the computer is
even turned on would also solve this problem (but adds another component
that uses electricity and may possibly fail). As many users network
their MythTV-BE box to secondary FE boxes, they will already have a
wired network set up with a switch/router.

In my position, having only a single FE/BE (that shuts itself down when
idle), it made more sense to directly connect the HDHR to the FE/BE box
via a dedicated Ethernet cable (crossover automatic by the NIC). [The
FE/BE box gets Internet via a USB wifi dongle, because I didn't want to
run a network cable across the house.]


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