[mythtv-users] PCI videocard GeForce 8200/8400 (gpu 98) for vdpau

Robert RobertCL at iname.com
Sat Feb 14 22:38:46 UTC 2009

Goga wrote:
>>>      > is there any limitations for PCI cards as GeForce 8300/8400 for
>>>     gpu video decoding ? Can I use it for hdtv watching on my
>>>      > Sempron 3200 ?
>>>      >
>>>      > Goga
>>> Is a P4 at 2.4GHz enough?  I have 4 of them lying around but they have 
>>> AGP video.  If PCI works and this is fast enough, I am suddenly in the 
>>> market for a new video card.
>> I've put a 512Mb PCI 8400GS in a relatively old 2.?GHz sff HP pc and my 
>                                                                   ^^^^^^^^^
> sorry, which CPU do you mean - sempron/celeron/pentium ??? 2.0GHz ???

Ah, it's a Pentium 4, 2.4GHz (I think, might be a 2.8GHz)

>> limited testing with Mythbuntu and the 0.21 backports of VDAPU seem to 
>> work just fine.
> what about of CPU load with 1080i and 1080p content ?

I was watching BBC HD (think thats 1080i), both pre-recorded and live 
streamed from my existing backend over gigabit LAN and it was using 
20-30% CPU.

Previously when this box was a combined BE/FE without VDPAU it didn't 
have enough get up and go to play BBC HD without stopping every 3 
seconds or so.

Very impressive!  Many thanks to the developers who have worked on 
VDAPU.  At the minute I've only patched my secondary frontend - I'm 
waiting for the official 0.22 release before I upgrade my main box.


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