[mythtv-users] mythWelcome and a very slow gui?

Jay Summet jay at summet.com
Sat Feb 14 02:20:53 UTC 2009

Jay Summet wrote:
> Paul Harrison wrote:
>> Jay Summet wrote:
>>>> Just to clarify a few things here. MythWelcome in the 0.21 release and
>>>> 0.21-fixes was modified so it only processed events every 0.25 seconds
>>>> IIRC. The reason for this was to make it consume less power because it
>>>> didn't needlessly wake up the cpu as often. This does have an impact on
>>>> the amount of power consumed but also has a small impact on performance
>>>> but only when redrawing the qt popup menu everything else seemed fine to
>>>> me, even the menu was perfectly usable just a little slow to redraw
>>>> sometimes.  I've never seen it take 2-3 second to redraw though more
>>>> like  0.25 seconds at the most for me.
>>>> Paul H.
>>> Interesting. On my box the pause between a button press and action on
>>> the screen are MUCH longer than 0.25 of a second.
>>> If you can give me an approximate location in the codebase I can modify
>>> my copy to remove the 0.25 second wait and see if that fixes what I
>>> perceive to be an overly slow UI or not.
>>> Jay
>> The relevant line is here:-
>> http://cvs.mythtv.org/trac/browser/branches/release-0-21-fixes/mythtv/programs/mythwelcome/welcomedialog.cpp#L118
>> Try lowering the 250000 value and see if it improves things.
>> You could also revert http://cvs.mythtv.org/trac/changeset/15206 which
>> is the changeset that added the power saving stuff.
> Hi Paul,
> The 1/4 second usleep was not my (main) problem.  My major slowdown
> complaint was the 1-2 second pause between pressing the menu button and
> the pop-up menu appearing.  Looking through the code, I traced the
> slowdown to a system call to mythshutdown that was checking the status
> code to determine if it should show the "lock" or "unlock" shutdown button:
>     int statusCode = system(m_installDir + "/bin/mythshutdown --status 0");
> I will check into the mythshutdown code and see if this status message
> can be made to return quicker, or if it can be cached or something...

Ok, tracing down why my "menu" in Mythwelcome takes so long to pop up, I
traced it to the mythshutdown binary, and specifically a 1-2 second
pause when it tries to establish a MythContext:

gContext = new MythContext(MYTH_BINARY_VERSION);

(I assume this may be due to a database connection, lots of talking back
and forth, etc...)

I am wondering if this is standard or not for others.

When I run "mythshutdown --status", it takes 2-3 seconds to return. Can
other people run the above command very quickly?


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