[mythtv-users] Another Stupid Question

The GUIGuy linux at finalfiler.com
Fri Feb 13 05:06:55 UTC 2009

Hi All,

I have a number of PAL TV recordings in 1280 X 720 (16:9) resolution. 
They look quite excellent on the giant TV.

I would like to get them out of Myth with the resolution preserved. Each 
file weighs in around 4.6G

However, if I use mytharchive and attempt to  burn the files to DVD, 
mytharchive attempts to reduce resolution to 720X576 and then promptly 

Similarly, if I use nuvexport --transcode or --ffmpeg to export to DVD, 
it will reduce the resolution. Transcoding to xvid etc loses too much of 
the quality for my liking. In any case this would take weeks of 
processing it seems.

So, any suggestions how I could export/ transcode the files from 
recordedTV to some standard format (mpeg?) AND preserve the original 
higher resolution?


The GuiGuy

  /  Oz  \

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