[mythtv-users] Weird FOX recording problem

Tim Shannon shannon.timothy at gmail.com
Thu Feb 12 19:07:01 UTC 2009

I've got a similar issue with my recordings on ABC through a comcast cable
box.  The sound issue was resolved by changing my audio to only output to
stereo (it was set at 5.1).

On Thu, Feb 12, 2009 at 12:58 PM, Yan Seiner <yan at seiner.com> wrote:

> I've got a recording from FOX.  It's all digital, HD, recorded OTA.
> When I play this back, my xorg CPU usage goes to about 90% and stays
> there.  Normal usage is about 20-30% for HD recordings.
> Also, the sound is weird.  It is as if the recording only has the rear
> channels and not the front channels.  It's a motocross event; you can hear
> the motorcycles and audience, but not the announcers and the level is
> really low.  As soon as a commercial comes on, the sound goes to normal
> and then drops again when the show comes back.  (I have not tracked the
> CPU usage at commercial time.)
> Anyone have any idea what may be going on?
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