[mythtv-users] Strange recording priority

Wilfred van den Assem c.assemvanhaaften at chello.nl
Thu Feb 12 14:33:24 UTC 2009


I've got 2 cable-boxes connected to 2 Hauppauge 150 PVR card and one
Satelco DVB-C.
The 2 cable-boxes are Encoder 6 and Encoder 7
When I start watching live-tv, it choose Encoder 7 by default. If I
start a recording (when watching live-tv) it choose Encoder 6.

But when I start watching live-tv on Encoder 7 and change it manualy to
Encoder 6 (so I'm watching live-tv on Encoder 6) and if I then start a
recording it switched from live-tv (Encoder 6) to the recording on
Encoder 6.
And at that moment, Encoder 7 is free and the same configured as Encoder
6. They have the same record-priority 0.

Is this a misconfiguration from me?

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