[mythtv-users] Remote installation and updates

Marc Feldman marc at openivo.com
Tue Feb 10 14:11:29 UTC 2009

An advantage to Cable DVR appliances and TiVo is easy
Instead of having set top boxes manufactured, why not let people purchase
their own hardware, and have the system configured remotely?
Now that virtual servers on Amazon Web Services is so affordable, would this
be feasible?

1.  Browse a website for compatible standardized configurations.
2.  Choose and purchase the hardware with links to Amazon.com or other
3.  Load the operating system and MythTV.
4.  Sign up for EPG
4.  Log in to the virtual server on AWS.
5.  Answer a few questions, and the computer gets configured automatically.

The goal would be similar to Knoppmyth or Mythdora, to make installation and
configuration easier.  The advantage of a cloud computing platform would be
the ability to have fast updates and accommodate more configurations.

Marc Allan Feldman
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