[mythtv-users] Commercial PVR offerings - is MythTvstill competitive ?

Steve Peters - Priority Electronics steve at priorityelectronics.com
Mon Feb 9 22:50:38 UTC 2009

>George Mogielnicki <george at begos.ca> says:
>> Of course, there is quite a lot of functionality that is not
>> available with the receiver - mythvideo comes to mind as one.
>You likely answered your own question.
>> Has this commercial offering caught up with Myth TV in terms of
>> value ?

I for one think that the myth system can be cheaper. That was my reason for
going with it in the beginning. We were paying $20 per month for the cable
dvr. So I priced together a myth system with 500GB hard drive, a PVR-500 and
a core 2 duo processor for about $450. I told my wife we've been paying for
the cable dvr for a few years now and have paid more than the $450 to Time
Warner. Let's just go with myth. So we did. An added bonus was that I got a
free tv, out of it by being able to watch myth tv on my laptop...hadn't even
dawned on me at the time that I could use my laptop for a frontend.

The upstairs computer can also watch all the myth shows.

So for us it did save money, and after I got it all going, it's been rock


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