[mythtv-users] Commercial PVR offerings - is MythTv still competitive ?

George Mogielnicki george at begos.ca
Mon Feb 9 20:58:14 UTC 2009

Hi All;

I have been using MythTv in SD for few years and waited for a move to HD
until HD-PVR and VDPAU arrived. I wanted a small, quiet, combined box that
can capture HD from my current satellite HD receiver via component cable,
video storage is on a network.

I live in Canada and recently my satellite TV provider (Bell TV,
previously know as ExpressVu) has introduced a new receiver 6131 which I
think is a re-branded Dish Network ViP 211k. This receiver is controlled
via IR Remote, so I decided that this model is perfect for a new MythTV
build. After rebate, I paid 150 CAD, which is around 120 US or so.

This receiver comes with an interesting feature. Plug in a usb drive at
the back panel usb port and you have an instant PVR. I plugged my 750GB
usb enclosure, receiver took a while to format it and presto, I have
working PVR in HD.

To achieve the same result by building my own, I have to spend about 550
US. I was thinking of Zotac GF8200 miniITX, low end AMD processor, 2 GB
memory, case, fan plus HD-PVR.

Of course, there is quite a lot of functionality that is not available
with the receiver - mythvideo comes to mind as one.

But even with all the plugins available, does it still make sense to spend
500+ versus 120 and spend quite some time to resolve a lot of potential
issues with current HD-PVR and VDPAU support. Even when 0.22 is out and
the drivers are more stable, question still remains.

Has this commercial offering caught up with Myth TV in terms of value ?

I hope you don't misunderstand me here, I enjoy working with Linux, and
actually was all pumped up to face the challenges, my wife was rolling her
eyes in anticipation of late nights...


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