[mythtv-users] USB -> serial ir blaster troubleshooting

Mike Holden mythtv at mikeholden.org
Sat Feb 7 11:52:55 UTC 2009

Brian Wood wrote:
> On Friday 06 February 2009 09:36:05 Travis Tabbal wrote:
>> Given the price of that blaster, it's probably one of the simple ones
>> that
>> won't work with a USB to serial converter. USB just doesn't support the
>> kind of direct timing required to make those work. It can be done with
>> USB,
>> but you need a smarter device on the end.
> Right. the simple blasters do not use the serial port in its intended way.
> They do not use the data lines at all, but rather use the handshaking
> lines
> to drive the LED directly, so you need to pulse the control lines in the
> proper pattern to get it to work, something not possible with most
> USB-serial
> solutions.

Thanks Brian and Travis for explaining my hardware faux pas!

I'm currently looking at getting an MS MCE remote/blaster, as many people
seem to be quite happy with them.

Yet another remote to stick in a drawer and not use - it can sit alongside
the 3 or 4 hauppauge ones I have, plus all the remotes for the
decommissioned devices, plus the remotes for active devices that are now
replaced by a One4All :-)
Mike Holden

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