[mythtv-users] Front End Stop / Start Playing 1-2 Second Cycles - Two do it...

Tortise tortise at paradise.net.nz
Sat Feb 7 06:31:02 UTC 2009


I have two frontends, an AMD 2400 / 2.5G RAM / NVIDIA 5200 front-end running on an upto date Mythbuntu 8.10 and a P3000 / 2G RAM / 7600 NVIDIA running same OS.

After running some hours each develops this state where it stop / starts with about a 1-2 second cycle repeatedly of this playing live tv.

However the FE/BE machine is fine as it will play without problem.

Closing the FE / restarting does not fix it.  Rebooting does not fix it either.   Shutting down for awhile does seem to fix it, until it returns, which suggests a temperature problem to me.  The CPU is running 42 odd degrees and Mbd the same and runs this when well and when sick.

However both FE get to do it, so a temperature problem seems less likely.

I'd appreciate any pointers how to advance this problem?

Kind regards
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