[mythtv-users] Suspend/Resume from keyboard

Oliver Maunder mail at olivermaunder.co.uk
Fri Feb 6 09:59:16 UTC 2009

Nick Morrott wrote:

> man irxevent
>> You can bind arbitrary key combinations to a button and send them to
>> any X window.
It looks like irxevent is for LIRC. Because my remote acts as a keyboard I'm
not using LIRC. I think I should be able to do something with xmodmap

2009/2/6 Allan Stirling <dibblah.allan.stirling at googlemail.com>

>>  However, the wakeup is generally done in hardware. Look in your BIOS to
> see if you can configure a hotkey.

That makes sense. I couldn't work out how the OS could respond to a keypress
while it was suspended. Looks like I'll have to reboot for the first time in

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