[mythtv-users] Some info on usb/serial converters and H21 Directv box

Scott Harris scott at webhounds.net
Fri Feb 6 05:01:28 UTC 2009

Howdy all,
    I recently added a third tuner (HVR-1600) to my setup and needed the
standard usb-serial converter for the box (H21).  I wanted to try and find
something local rather than order from the known working ones from the
wiki.  Below are the results.  The setup is: 
H21 <-> USB/serial converter <-> null modem adaptor <-> mb serial port

Micro Connectors, Inc. #E07-160, purchased at Fry's, didn't work
Cables Unlimited, #USB-2920, purchased at Fry's, didn't work
Dynex, #DX-UBDB9, purchased at Best Buy, worked great.


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