[mythtv-users] Why cant we make a STB?

Mike Perkins mikep at randomtraveller.org.uk
Thu Feb 5 21:56:13 UTC 2009

jedi wrote:
> ...it sounds like what a lot of us needs is just a better case. I know
> I do. I would love a mATX case that's more along the lines of a Tivo
> footprint but those are few and far between. Even the Antec Fusion 
> doesn't quite fit this bill.
>    A reference design mATX case would be very handy.
You've still then got to pony up for the other components and put the thing 
together yourself, then load the software, configure it...

I think what some of us would like is a simple silent box where all of that is 
already done. You just plug it in, it asks you where the MBE is (or finds it 
itself), and away you go.

Some of us, myself included, have spent years^Wdecades building boxes of various 
sorts and don't find it a chore to build more. Others may not like to get their 
hands dirty quite so often.

Even so, if I needed another FE in a hurry I might consider a ready-built box - 
finances permitting, of course. It might even turn out cheaper than DIY.


Mike Perkins

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